I had been invited to a close friend’s wedding a few months ago and so immediately starting planning what I was going to wear.

As I don’t attend that many weddings, I wanted something new so the search began.

Now, where I work, we stock occasion wear but it isn’t really my style and slightly too formal for what I wanted – it was only to be a small wedding after all. This got me to thinking that there are so many ways one could dress for a wedding, especially if you are a guest! I then remembered that this was the exact problem I’d had with 2 previous weddings. Everyone comes in something different and it’s only if you are part of the wedding or Mother of the Bride that there is a certain dress code, and even that is changing now. Black is even considered perfectly acceptable to wear. There really is such a wide scope, you can pretty much wear ANYTHING.

Also, as like so many others, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to wear. And like so many others, I was never going to find it. So, instead I started to look around and really thinking about the colours and shapes that would suit my complexion and figure. I am fair skinned with red hair, so unfortunately for me that excludes almost every colour that is ‘in’ at the moment – a common occurrence for the ‘English Rose’. I am also a slight pear shape, meaning my hips are bigger than my bust and so certain shapes – like bodycon – would do nothing for me.

Here, I should also add here that I was on a budget so, many of the lovely shops like Jigsaw, Hobbs, Whistles etc. were out of the equation, meaning I was even more limited. In addition to this, which I’m sure everyone can relate to, I wanted something I was going to be comfortable in and wear again. These are, after all, ‘tough times’, and so one wants to get more than a days wear out of a dress.

I had a red clutch bag that had been in my wardrobe for a good two years and not been used so I was adamant that I would be taking this, therefore basing the outfit around said bag.  This is not actually a bad idea, as not only is it one less thing to worry about buying,  it also gives you something to focus on in terms of colours.

I therefore spent many hours in the run up to the wedding scouring the internet and the shops – finding nothing. It wasn’t until I was with a friend of mine that she made me From - I do not own this content.try on a fitted shift dress from H&M (that’s right, sometimes us stylists like to have help and extra opinions too!) that I found something I could wear.

It is a great shape for me – a navy blue pencil skirt on the bottom of the dress, in a heavier fabric, with a white (with small blue spots) chiffon-style, loose-fitting sleeveless top on the upper half. This for pear shapes is great as draws the eyes up to the detail of the top and gives the illusion that your top half is bigger, while the darker colour on the bottom draws attention away from your hips. And, it was only £29.99 – perfectly within budget. I already had some shoes that happened to be the exact same colour combination. What’s more, I felt completely comfortable in it and would wear it again!

The wedding was lovely and, as predicted, everyone was wearing something completely different and that suited their personality.

In my next post, I will continue with this theme, and look at what styles of ‘wedding outfit’ will suit different shapes and complexions. With summer on it’s way, weddings happen almost daily and sometimes we all need a bit of guidance, be it from friends or stylists – or both! The key is to stay focused and open to all sorts of styles as some things look very different off the hanger.

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2 Responses to Weddings.

  1. Just wondering if you could use the same dress and style it differently if you had several weddings or events to attend this season?
    Be interested in seeing how you would do it! 🙂

    • I think so for sure! With it being navy and white it is so versatile, all you would really need to do is change the shoes and/or bag. The bag I took was bright red so opting for another colour would change the look.

      Also, you could add a cardigan or shawl or change the belt. This dress came with a small blue belt, but any colour would work. The options are endless with navy – it really is a timeless colour!

      Hope this helps

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