Wedding Outfits For All Body Shapes – Pear

Being a pear shape means that your hips and thighs are the largest part of you, followed by your bust and then your waist. Your shoulders, in comparison with your hips, are usually narrower.

With this in mind, you benefit from wearing well tailored and proportioned clothes and work on balancing your shoulders and hips. As a stylist, my aim is to draw the eye up and elongate your legs.

Certain styles of dress are going to work better than others for this to be achieved, so it is worth taking note of these style rules for when you are shopping for your outfit. The key word for pear shapes is always balance – as long as you’re balancing your shoulders and your hips, you will find it easier to get styles that work for you.


  •  Wear shallow v-necks – this will balance out your shoulders and give shape to your bust. Detailing on the top is also great as it gives an illusion of fullness to your torso. This means, ruching, beading and excess fabric are winners here, which can be great for wedding outfits as there is usually some element of ‘fancy’ in it. Dresses with waist ties also work really well as they give you shape.
  • Another brilliant thing pear shapes (and few others) can wear is a strappy, strapless or halter dress, because of your naturally toned arms. This is always great for occasion wear, especially with prom-style/ 50s dresses, so if you’re comfortable showing your arms – go for it!
  • With weddings, cropped jackets, cardigans and shrugs are often an essential item, just in case it’s chilly or to finish the outfit. They are also one piece that works brilliantly for pear shapes as they show off your naturally slim waist and broaden your shoulders.
  • One of the best places to get shrugs is Monsoon:,5,shop,women,womenknitwear,bolerosandshrugs


  • Flared skirts work best for your shape as they help to define your waist and balance your hips and shoulders, so go for an A-line or full skirt with your dress.
  • Asymmetrical cuts also work well for pear shapes as do longer A-line shapes – think maxis for the summer!
  • Straight cuts can also work well, as long as they are in a darker colour to the top part of the outfit as they minimise the width of your hips but lengthen  your legs.
  • Aim for styles that finish on or below the knee, otherwise the eye is drawn towards the hips.
  • Avoid tulip shape dresses – they will just draw more attention to your hips and make your shoulders look narrower. Trust me, I have tried on enough to know!

Some styles that will look great on you:

Patterned Dress £14.99 H&M

Bridget Dress £229.00 Hobbs



The great thing about being a pear shape is that you can wear all the tops that other shapes can’t wear as easily, like strapless and strappy styles. And, you can wear tops with detail and so can even make this the statement part of the outfit, instead of your bag or shoes.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas about dressing for a pear shape – these are only some ideas. What works for you?


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