Wedding Outfits For All Body Shapes – Hourglass

The hourglass figure, aka Christina Hendricks, has AMAZING curves that have to be shown off. Called an hourglass because your bust and thighs are wider than your waist, it is once again all about creating balance with your outfits. As a stylist, it can be great dressing an hourglass figure, finding nice pencil skirts and shift dresses amongst many other styles, but it can also be a real challenge. Many hourglass shapes have a larger bust and so, while the key thing to remember when dressing for this shape is getting well tailored and fitting outfits, it can be hard finding outfits that will accommodate those assets! Look for dresses that lift your boobs and elongate your waist.

So, for great wedding outfits that will wow everyone (without upstaging the bride!) there are some rules that I like to follow:


  • As with all body shapes, and like I mentioned with the apple shape, one of my first ports of call when working with someone new is getting some great underwear. I usually recommend going for a supportive bra that gives a bit of lift and with thicker straps.
  • Wrap around dresses and ones with cinched in waists are great for your shape as they show off your naturally slim waist. For extra definition, go for belts – but only thin belts. As an hourglass, your waist will be naturally short, so going for anything too wide will throw your figure off balance.
  • I also look for thin weight, semi-firm, matt fabrics when shopping  for hourglass clients, and so for wedding outfits make sure you go for something  that isn’t too bulky and this will not lend support in the way you need it or show off your killer curves! Fabrics with a bit of stretch in them are great for you too as they will be comfortable and supportive. You could also consider going for monochrome colours and muted tones as this will make you look really well proportioned. Though, for a wedding you might not want to do this – although black is acceptable for many weddings. Luckily hourglass figures can wear colours and mid-sized patterns really well as long as they’re not over the top.
  • A neckline with a V is the most flattering for you as they draw the eye down while slimming your chest. Going for anything with too high a neck will make you look top heavy. Keep the V deep enough to create the effect but not so low that your boobs are out – we don’t want the wrong kind of attention! If you do choose something that is more revealing than you’re comfortable with, simply put a camisole underneath in a varying shade or contrasting colour.
  • Another great style for you is a dress with a small draped sleeve. This will cover the top of your arms, which is usually slightly heavier than the rest, and will provide you with a bit more shape across your shoulders. Good sleeve styles for you are fluted, three-quarter and puffed sleeves, but avoid bat-wing styles as these will add bulk and make your chest look bigger.


  • For the bottom half, go for a dress (or skirt) that is straight and to the knee as this will show off the great curve from your hip to your knee.
  • If you decide to go for a skirt and top outfit, make sure they are both well tailored and in proportion. So, if the skirt is a fitted pencil skirt, make sure the top doesn’t have too much detail as this will make you look top heavy, which we don’t want!
  • Maxi dresses would also look fabulous on you – just keep them cinched in at the waist.

Some styles that will look great on you:

Modal Long Lace Vest, Jigsaw, £24.

Poppy Ruched Dress, Kaliko, £95

Invitation Vanessa Maxi Dress, Hobbs, £119

Sophia Dress, Reiss, £125

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