Wedding Outfits For All Body Shapes: Athletic

And so for the final post for this section I am going to write about the athletic shape, or slim as it is often referred to as. Many people, stylists included, think this is the easiest shape to dress because it is what designers work with and so clothes are possibly more readily available in that way. However, I would still say that, as a stylist, I find certain styles of clothes work better than others for a slimmer figure.

With there being so many types of occasion wear out there, you could be fooled in to thinking it’s easy peasy for this one. But think carefully when choosing. Athletic body shapes are straight up and down, with little bust or hips, so the key trick here is to create curves and accentuate the slight waist you have.


  • Strapless tops and criss-cross styles all work well for you as you have the arms and shoulders to pull it off.
  • Prints, when they are small are good at creating texture and giving the illusion of curves. Add to this any pleating, ruching, fluted sleeves and detailing and curves can be created easily. Fabrics like chiffon work really well on athletic shapes as they fall gracefully, as does anything cut on the bias
  • I always like to keep outfits tailored for athletic shapes as their frames are small. Adding belts to these outfits will also help this to happen and create a waist which will make more curves.


  • Maxi dresses will look amazing on you – as long as they are well fitted at the waist.
  • A-line and full circle skirts and dresses look fabulous on this figure too and at the moment there are some really pretty styles out there!
  • Peplums  are going to be around for A/W12, be it on skirts, dresses or as a belt. The tulip shape is also still going strong. These will accentuate your hips, making you look curvier. Result!

    Dark Orange Polka Dot Dress, Dorothy Perkins, £45

    Pink Ballet Silk Ciffon Dress, Jigsaw, £235

Long Bustier Dress by Richard Nicol, Topshop, £300












Ok, so it is fair to say that the athletic figure can wear the majority of styles more easily than perhaps other shapes can, but it is still important to create the illusion of curves. As a lot of clothes – both designer and high street – look great on you, try them out. You can go for the more daring styles that other shapes need to be wary of.
All in all, I hope you’ve enjoyed this first section and that it had shed some light on various body shapes and the styles that suit them. Why not have a think about how body shapes relate to other style occasions – swimwear, for example.
Please leave your comments and opinions and there will be another post soon!


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